Anonymous crypto-swap interface

All exchanges in one place, to get the best-rates privately

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Anonymously receive a verification SMS from any service or website, so that you don't have to share your phone number. Pay with Bitcoin on the Lightning Network ⚡.
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Anonymously send an SMS to any number in the World. Pay with Bitcoin on the Lightning Network ⚡.
What is Intercambio?

Intercambio is an aggregator focused on privacy to anonymously swap cryptos with the cheapest rates.

How do I use Interacambio?

• Step 1 - Select a cryptocurrency and an amount to exchange.
• Step 2 - Select what cryptocurrency you want to receive and provide an address.
• Step 3 - Select the rate priority you want (rate from NonKYC or not) and the exchanges filter (if you only want to aggregate NonKYC exchanges).

Once you clicked on Trade, our servers will search the cheapest rate, for your swap by following your conditions. The trade found will be shown and sourced with our dedicated interface, there's no need to leave Intercambio for swapping. Theres also a trades tab, to get your swap history (of the current session you're doing) for managing many swaps, at the same time.

How Intercambio can guarantee my privacy, or anonymity?

Because we apply many features:
• Account-less service
• No-log (we don't know: IP, timestamps, user-agents and more)
• No JavaScript
• Tor & I2P hidden-services available
• Devoted to providing Monero swaps

How long does it take to process an exchange?

It'll depend of your transaction's fee, as well as the blockchain's average blocktime. Most of crypto-exchanges will process a trade, when a transaction gets ~1-2 confirmation.

Does the website require JavaScript to work?

Javascript is not required for Intercambio to work and its recommended to disable it for best privacy.

Do I have to register an account to use the Intercambio services?

Not required, Intercambio is proud to be no-KYC exchange aggregator with no account requirements.

What fees are included in the rates shown?

All fees are already included in the shown rate.

They are around 0.5 to 2% depending on the exchange in question.

Is it really anonymous?

Unlike others exchange aggregator Intercambio is created by Trusted Monero Community members who have years of experience in providing the best possible privacy to their users.

What about logging?

We have absolute respect for our users privacy, no logs are kept and exchange data is deleted after two weeks or per request.

What is best way to access Intercambio?

We offer a Tor v3 hidden service and an I2P hidden service to access Intercambio.